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Greenwood Leflore Consolidated Superintendent of Schools

Job Type Superintendent
Member Organization Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District
Consultant Tommye Henderson
Status Current
Web Posting Start Date November 1, 2021
Closing Date November 30, 2021


  • Must meet criteria outlined in MS Code 37-9-13.





  • Evidence of a recent documented track record of raising the achievement level of all students
  • Evidence of the ability to use data to improve student achievement
  • Evidence of developing, improving, and monitoring curriculum and instruction
  • Skill as an effective communicator, including speaking, listening, writing, and technology
  • Ability to develop a climate of trust/openness with all stakeholders
  • Willingness to and ability to work cooperatively with the school board members
  • Ability to develop a positive rapport, while providing strong leadership to administrators, teachers, and other school personnel
  • Ability to engage parents and community stakeholders in the life of the school
  • Experience in consensus building
  • Is committed to becoming an active and visible member of the community
  • Successful experience with and understanding of financial planning, budget preparation, management, and monitoring, and financial reporting 
  • Ability to recruit, retain, and invest in the development of highly qualified personnel
  • Strong commitment to pursue academic innovations for all grade levels
  • Ability to facilitate the development of, the implementation of, and the monitoring of a facilities improvement plan  
  • Possesses high moral and ethical standards of conduct